Micronetics SPC, is here to help you with its huge worldwide network of contacts.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads


Let us promote you through Facebook ads and let us build your Facebook presence. We can build your Facebook page and promote it.



 Let us promote you through Instagram ads and let us build your Instagram presence. We can build your Instagram page and promote it. 



  Let us promote you through Twitter and let us build your Twitter presence. We can build your Twitter account page and promote it.  

Google Ads and Websites

Google my Business, let customers find you and your company faster. Also on Google Maps.

   Let us promote you through Google Ads and let us build your Google presence. We can build your Google page and website and promote it.   

Direct selling using Whatsapp


We have a huge network of buyers around the world this is direct selling, via Whatsapp and WeChat, get your message direct to the decision makers.  USD100.00 each sending of your products or services, to CEO's, owners and Royalty. Around the world from China, to the USA, around the world.

Advertise Internationally

Gulf Air, worldwide advertising.  Circulation per month 700000 passengers. All over the world.

Why only look for local customers? Why not let us market your products internationally? Contact us to get an appointment?

More services

Let us build you a website.


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

We shall be doing Events


Events, you think you can do it all yourself? Why not let us give you a hand? We have European experience. 

Need a Photographer, for an event?


Have you ever felt, that your are the host but you did not take enough photos of your event and there are not enough photos of you. We can do the photos of your event and also load them all online so each person, can download the photos they want from the event.

Need photos for a web project?

Shuttle Stock, is a place where you can get photographs from, for your businesses.

Needs photos of a business event? We can organize a photographer to cover your event.

Share the big news


Big News, that's coming up.

Need a Videographer, for an event?


Videos today are much more interesting than still photography.

Videos we do.

We provide videos made to order.  From Budget productions to Big Budget Advertising, 

Files coming soon.