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Waste to Energy, turning your waste into electricity.

Garbage to making electricity


Today everyone talks about Plastics and garbage, but it seems, that"s just it your just talking about it. 

We at Micronetics are doing more than just talking. 

With our MNGAS Gasification machines. 

Did you know that Plastics has the highest Caloric value of any other waste.?

Garbage to Energy production


During the production of the Garbage into electricity, our technology reduces the Gases produced in the process by 40% of CO2 and 100% of Methane.

Also it produces and Inert Ash, which can be used for fertilizer or Construction.

Unique uses.


Although there are many uses. Imagine you have an off grid community. 

Which uses a Diesel Generator to produce its electricity needs.  So every once in a while you need to send a driver with a Tanker truck to fill up on diesel, to then drive back, to fill the community Diesel generator. 

How about if we can eliminate that entire process? As our waste to Energy system, does not need refined fuels, just put in, the waste into machine, all kinds of solid waste management products.  The machine can generate electricity from the waste. 

The only two products that have a very low caloric value is Glass, as its sand and metals, which can be recycled separately. 

The highest caloric value is anything Petroleum based. Plastics, Paint, Oil spills, and other items.  So why not start to turn your waste into a renewable energy sources.

Download here for Garbage to energy production syste

Garbage to energy production system a new way of producing Electricity from an untapped resource. System in made in Europe. 

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