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Origins of Micronetics

Established in Switzerland in 1958

Micronetics was called a different name back then, but was the Master Stocking Distributor for 

Eimac (USA) Philips (Holland) Telefunken (West Germany) RFT East German Telefunken and Ei Elektronska (Yugoslavia) in the small receiving tubes and also in the Large Industrial applications, as well. Then we also became distributors for Thomson Electroniques (Now Thales) We have also represented many other manufacturers, who since the 1980's have closed down their production of Valves or Tubes.    In the  late 1970's the company became Micronetics after the founder passed away.  Micronetics was always a big stockist of what they call nowadays  NOS (New old Stock) Means, Old in age, but never put to work. In the 2006 again Micronetics changed direction, designing and supplying the needs of lighting, but LEDs as a component used in lighting, where before the LED, was only used to show electricity flowing through an electrical circuit.  Micronetics stock of NOS Tubes, was sold off in 2014.

 Today Micronetics, does many different things, in different locations of the group. 

 We are British owned and operated since 1958. We have been doing Marketing since 1993, in Bahrain since 2007 doing Marketing and promotions for over 12 years now, we have brought many new companies here to Bahrain, as well as creating over 200 new jobs. We are both Internationally and locally focused on our business strategies, for our most demanding of customers. You.

These are receiving Tubes used still today in Music  amplifiers. RCA stopped producing in the 1980's
These are receiving Tubes used still today in Music amplifiers. RCA stopped producing in the 1980's

About Us

We are Bahrain, in the center of the GCC.


We are governed by a Royal Family.


Be in the business crossroads between Asia and Europe.

We are Bahrain, but we are different to our neighbor's there are more liberties here. Checkout our Why Bahrain? Information Booklet.



To understand about the Advantages of Bahrain and why its a good idea to bring your business here, please download Why Bahrain 4 brochure.

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We are working long hours as many of our customers are not from the GCC areas, but from continents further away.

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