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Commercial property for sale in many different countries. For Downloads of the projects in pdf please go to the bottom.

Hotel for sale frontline Lake Lemon Switzerland

Frontline Lake Hotel for sale 5 star

REF : CS1 Hotel for sale in S. Spain 400 plus rooms ROI 10% plus

3 star Hotel for sale with over 400 rooms and suites. ROI of 10% plus  As you can see the return on investment is attractive. For Spain. 

Hotel for sale in Bahrain

ROI 10-12% Plus

From the same group

2 Hotels for sale one located in London the other in Europe

Hotel 1 in London ROI 5%

Hotel 2 ROI 7%

Hotels looking for management company

1 x Hotel 4 star looking for an international group to Manage the Hotel.

Download here the above projects

CS1-WWW (pdf)


MaM-FL (pdf)


MaM Island 3 (pdf)


More Commercial properties for sale

Sri Lanka 5 Hotels for sale

Hotel Group totaling over 500 rooms together are for sale in one LOT. We are mandated sellers. Commercial property for sale.

Palacial style Villa for sale

This property comes with a resident permit and a bank account.

Ref : MaM-Island3 Private Island for sale 1mile from Portland Maine USA

Ref : MaM-FL Plot for sale in WPB

For more informations an NDANC will need to be signed.

Please note all informations are confidential and an NDANC will need to be signed between us an yourselves before any informations are sent to you.

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