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We are a company dedicated to product promotion in GCC as well as promoting services from around the world into the GCC countries. Mostly products with a high yield. Can be from a minimum yield of 5% or up to as high as 65% yield. Hotels for sale, shopping centers, businesses, football teams, F1 teams, and plenty more.

Our Global Network

Micronetics has offices in 3 dfferent continents, such as Europe, Middle East and South America. 

We have a multi-lingual staff, speaking.





We are here to promote your business here in the GCC, the GCC is comprised of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,  Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE.


Wanted for sale business opportunities

W4SBO will be a separate classifieds website. You can post a product or a service for sale. Or post a product or service you wanted.

Micronetics Presents Leonado Tonioni Design in GCC

Leonardo Tonioni Interior Designer to the rich and famous

Stone Mason, Painter, Artist, world traveller, no project, to small or to big.

Renaissance Architect, Art Master specialized in classical art for the richness of barocose palaces and their restoration, Restoration of ancient decorative wall painting (Pompeii Naples), Specialist designer of interior volumetric perspectives and more.

Garbage to Electricity machine

Garbage recycling Gasification electricity production

We are commercializing a machine, for garbage recycling into electricity. Without any harmful side effects. We are agents for all of the GCC. Don't be left out many Governements  in the GCC are now requesting this technology from us, as a viable solution to their garbage problems.

Our machine is different to all other garbage to Electricity plants. We have the patents for our equipment.

Garbage is put through the machine, the Gas produced makes the Gas turbine work, which in turn produces the electricity. The Ash, produced is used as fertilizer.  There is NO escape of Gas back into the Atmosphere.

If you need an agent to contact you, please send an email to :


Help us promote you in the GCC.

We do present your company though our network of companies in The GCC. Its not just a presentation online.

Office locations :

We are located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

We are located in Geneva, Switzerland.

More locations to come.


Micronetics Inc Ltd LED division has won the IHG Gold Nuggest Award. 2010.

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Micronetics Inc Ltd (Bahrain Branch Office)

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