The Power of
Social Media!!

Have you ever wondered how people became so popular or even as big as influencers ? 
  • 1. You are very popular and have many friends.
  • 2. You are spending most of your day and night self promoting yourself.
  • 3. You hire someone like us to get your postings, videos, websites seen in front of the masses.

So how?

Marketing is another word with the same meaning as advertising or promotion. All mean the same and eventually lead to sales.

We need to get your attention to read my posting or see my video.  During 1 or more times a day I want you to spend your attention on us.

There are only 24 hours in a day. We need to send you the right product you need at the right moment.

People click on emotions or attraction or a need to solve a problem.

Home of the creators of the iButtons TM

Home of the creators of the iButtons TM The iButtons TM are many interactive buttons, which made the people using them, go places on the www, or visit a certain page, or download pdf file, or a promotion, the iButtons TM can send you places online or bring you from the real world into the online world. Here is a world first. See below from more details.

Download here your own remote controller with interactive iButtons and visit places all over the world www, where you can see what we have achieved, in Social Media. After all why should you hire us, unless we can prove we can do the work. We can offer you a FREE promotion on the social media. Send us your all links. By email :

iButton Remote controller for website
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