Wanted Products and Services


Here is a page about products or
services, which the companies we
know are looking for.

Below are many products which we are
looking to supply our actual customers.

If you are a supplier we wish to hear
from you.

The cost of getting the business is USD16.00
(USD1.00 per form x 16 food products needed)
There are 10 Food related WANTED items, they
have all been verified to be true and active.
All are for Bahrain.
Date : On going. From Sep 7th 2020

Wanted FOOD Products :
Food FORM 1 bakery products 1
Food FORM 1 blank 1
Food FORM 1 chicken products 1
Food FORM 1 chopped tomato 1
Food FORM 1 crispy fried onions 1
Food FORM 1 dairy products 1
Food FORM 1 dried Tomatoes in oil 1
Food FORM 1 food condiments 1
Food FORM 1 honey 1
Food FORM 1 Margarine 1
Food FORM 1 Meat Beef 1
Food FORM 1 Meat Lamb 1
Food FORM 1 sunflower oil 1
Food FORM 1 tomato Pulp 1
Food FORM 1 Unsalted Butter 1
Food FORM 1 vitamin minerals 1

Download all forms for USD16.00
We will be adding more. Wanted Items.




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