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Below is a list of previous video presentations we have
done for many of our customers. If this is something
that you think you might want to have for your
products or services, than just photos, we can build
it for you. See below some of our past work.

Media for Albedo 100 Illuminated Paint Promo video
for use in Bahrain.

Gloves manufacturer in Macedonia.

Disposable Masks made in Macedonia

Disposable full bodysuit Video made in Macedonia

Washable full bodysuit Video made in Macedonia

Aluminium Production at the factory in Bahrain.

Fernand Leger and Karel Appel for sale





As you can see we are making video presentations, we can do the same for your products, the cost of this is USD26.00 it takes about 2 hours to build and test. If you have a presentation that needs some graphics and some live put into it, then let us know at




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