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What you get in the New 2021 Starter Pack?

Here is what you get in our cheapest Digital Marketing Offer starting at USD60.00 (BD22.000)

  1. Facebook Targeted postings of your Brochure or Ad, to over 100 Groups, approx 1.1million people locally in Bahrain. All Nationalities. Once a week, so a 5 week month, the posting will be posted to over 5.5million people per month.
  2. Facebook Targeted postings of your Brochure or Ad, to over 20 Groups, approx 100000 people in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Once a week, so a 5 week month, the posting will be posted to over 500000 people per month.
  3. We will make for you a max. custom 10 Page Brochure. With full design graphics and your contact details.
  4. We will turn that, 10 Page Brochure, into a Video Brochure, with music.
  5. We will post that Brochure, on Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and send you a copy for you to use how you like.
  6. We will make for you, if you do not yet have one a Google my Business profile. Which will also include an About Us page, your contact details, with your physical address, opening hours, a link to your website or another link.
  7. A location sticker, its a link which you can send by Whatsapp to people, so they can see your Google my Business profile and get directions to come to visit you at your location.
  8. We will also post the first 5 Star review, for your business on your Google my Business profile. Which will bring more viewers to see your business than any other Social Media platform around. Also here is where all your future customers will leave their future feedback about your business.
  9. A QR Code, is a great way to get people from the real world, to come and interact with you in the online world. The QR Code acts like a button.

There are over 40 hours of work here, how much would you pay a professional company to do all this work? U$D 400
Now for a limited time offer get all this for U$D60.00 (See exchange rates below, with forms of payment we can accept.)

Costs and forms of payment we accept per currency :
Bank Transfer,  Paypal, Credit cards through Paypal,
Cryptocurrency. (Bitcoin, LTC, XRP)

Euro 50.00
Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit cards through Paypal,
Cryptocurrency. (Bitcoin, LTC, XRP)

Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit cards through Paypal,
Cryptocurrency. (Bitcoin, LTC, XRP)

Bank Transfer, Benefit Pay, Credit cards through Paypal,
Cryptocurrency. (Bitcoin, LTC, XRP)

Bank Transfer,  Credit cards through Paypal,

Bank Transfer,   Credit cards through Paypal,

Also see Interactive Business Card. The fastest Customer contact system on the planet, all by Whatsapp. Click Here


Today Digital Marketing is the new driving force, as we now do most of our business and buying online.  Micronetics understands this and in the past years, we have understood that people want to buy more and more online. We need to propose our audience to look online, but we also need to explain, people buy products or services, using their emotions, the basic emotional traits are price, urgency of the needed, ease of the transaction process, customer reviews and virtual reality. Let us explain each trait.

  • Price, today as people loose their jobs, need to find cheaper products or services, to replace those products or service they paid for in the past, which maybe today, they no longer can afford.
  • Urgency to buy, today as people move forwards with their lives, they might not need all the products or services which they used in the past, so some they will no longer buy and others, they will need to buy, but they might buy cheaper, or they need to replace others which cannot not be simple abandoned.
  • Ease of transaction, Today we are getting to an ever fast pace of business, the process of buying online, needs to be simple ans fast. Have you ever been on an e-commerce website, who did not want you to make a profile? Your profile, will be used by the website, to send you offers and Newsletters in the future. Its a way of keeping track of what you bought in the past. Also called Marketing Research.
  • Customer reviews, today when we engage a new company or even buy a product or service online we look at what customers have written about the company you wish to engage. We too have this. Its called Google my Business, to see our reviews please click here, also if you click this link you will see we Number 1 in Bahrain for E-Commerce, click here.
  • Virtual Reality. As you know, many parts of the world, people are now restricted, in moving around and even travelling. Seeing as much of whatever they wish to purchase or buy online is a must. Today about 25% of people wanting to buy a property in another country, as a second residence is gaining in popularity. People want to see their investment. If we looked at a website, with a proper interactive, virtual reality showcase or mini movie about the property and the conditions of sale of the property, plus the amenities in the building, the parking areas, as well as the closest shops, supermarkets, entertainments, and more that the property was offering. You could get new customers internationally not only the walk in customers. As people today feel the need to get residency in new and exciting place.
  • For Best Results. We prefer a minimum of 3 months promotion. Paid once in advance USD180 (BD66.00)
  • Here is what you get for USD60.00 or BD22.000 Digital Marketing Package for USD60.00 

    Digital Marketing Package for USD60.00
    Digital Marketing Package for USD60.00 = BD22.000


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  1. NicMacDi

    I was admonished. After taking into account all the work Micronetics is offering for USD60.00 it’s much cheaper than even Fiverr. Plus in Fiverr you cannot contact the people and you have to wait for come back to you it’s so so frustrating. Here I call on WhatsApp and have immediate access to the person doing my work. Thanks

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