Need a Job? Remote work available.


Cannot find a job?
Cannot find a job that you like to do?
Cannot find a job you want working the
hours you want?

Have you thought of REMOTE work or
sometimes called DROP SHIPPING?

Micronetics offers both REMOTE work

REMOTE work offer is for people who
want to work from home and sell
products, from a company, once the
product or service is SOLD and paid for
you earn a commission, which is sent to
you once the customer has paid.
There is a listing below of the types of
commissions which can be ‘gotten
below,  by working this way.
In fact Micronetics’s minimum offer is
10% of the Digital Marketing offer. Our
cheapest offer is only USD60.00 for
over 40 hours of work on Social media,
see offer here.
From this offer you are guaranteed to
make 10% of whatever the customer
will pay for. Normally USD6.00 per
customer. Now discounted get 50%

DROP SHIPPING is selling other
peoples products, at higher prices than
what the manufacturer is selling their
products or services for. Which means,
you invoice the buyer/s, and keep the
difference in the price. You then buy
the product or service, from the
manufacturer and ask them to ship
the product to your customers address.
People have been making alot of
money in this way.

For this work option Micronetics
charges you a fee of U$D3.00 for each
product or service you wish to
promote. Why  they charge?  Well they
are giving you access to products and
services, which have been verified that,
are real. The verification process, has
been done, by visiting the factories in
person, as well as getting the
manufacturers company registration
and other certifications, as in Halal,
organic and or health certifications.

Also the higher the commissions to be
paid out, to you. All commission agents
will need to sign NDANC
(Non-Disclosure agreement,
Non-Circumvention agreement.)


We have all visited Youtube and
other online tutorials, plus other
get rich schemes, did you know that
only a small percentage of people,
will learn and adapt, to working
long hours, for a reward which, may
or may not come out, in the end.

We Micronetics, are the only company
we have seen online, which will pay
YOU more than, U$D5.00 per referral,
new customer you bring in, in fact we
will pay YOU 10% of the customers bill,
in Cash Back. In the currency that the
customer paid in. We are paying YOU
to open your address book and
promote our business to the people
you know who own businesses.
We do not care in which country you
are in. Once the customer has paid us,
YOU will then get paid.

No other website, is offering YOU the
opportunity to make money in this
way with us.




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