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Today we are number one in Bahrain, for e-commerce agency, but marketing, is more than just rankings, its away, to tell the world about your product or service. A marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of the products or services the business provides.  All prices are in US Dollars. 
We offer many different prices for all budgets, we have included the basic package, which includes:

Download Offer MKT2 in PDF     
For more details.

Marketing & Promotion / Advertising on all Social Media :

  1. FB, YouTube, LinkedIn, SET UP
  2. Google My Business SET UP
  3. 1, 5 Star review with photos at least 5 or more. SET UP
  4. Dedicated Personal pages your promotion SET UP
  5. Content Creator and Graphics 1 Flyer
  6. One flyer per month, posted
    once each week.  Or x4 or x5
    FaceBook ads sent to 1.200.000
    people per post  X 4 posts
    = 4.800.000
    FaceBook ads sent to 1.200.000
    people per post  X 5 posts
    = 6.000.000
  7. Creating PDF Brochure 1-10 pages
  8. Creating Video 1-2min turning
    the Brochure into a video.
  9. All in English, for other languages,
    Its extra.

Languages :


More options are  available like, extensive Market research,  as well as pricing strategy, project memo, with the implementation of social media and web traffic generator. See other sections on this website. Which are there to help you find the right budget to get you in sales.

Websites, we have built.

There are just so many to choose from, we have been working, both in Europe and in the GCC, since the 1970’s.
Our company was founded in 1958, in Switzerland.  For more information about Micronetics please visit our About us page and you can download, a PDF, about our company.




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