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Have you ever noticed how we as humans get distracted?
Today, just for us to call a business, we, many times get distracted, as to contact a company with Whatsapp, we need to enter the number and then store it, then we can make that Whatsapp call.

How about if there was another way? With the Interactive business card, the customer does not need to enter and store anything in their smartphone, the card, will redirect your customer, by clicking on the Whatsapp Icon, on the card. Here you are redirected to the Whatsapp number, then just press call.

The interactive system, will do the same for all your other social media and other systems, like paying and more.   LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW has never been so easy to do.
Here below is ours, to test just download the file. Start pressing on the Icons, to go to different pages.

The coding involved is what makes this Interactive Card special. We can do the same for your business.
MN-SPC Business card 2021-1 promo card.


1 review for Interactive Business Card test all features here

  1. Jo El’

    What a great idea, you have. Now I do not need to explain myself so much about what we do. I just tell them to click from the card and its done.

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