Handmade Soaps Commission based


About the product.
There is also a video for this product,
without prices. Showing the different
types of soaps produced.  As they are
all handmade, customization’s of each
can be done, as to per customers
needed. The soaps are both Art works
and never exactly the same as they are
handmade, by a dying artisan, with over
50 years of Soap making tradition.

Soaps can also me made to order.
If you need a certain shape or a
specific color, let us know?

See the size and specifications of
each of the soap sizes.  Once you
download the Brochure.
The costs  are per brochure are
BD1 or USD2.66

Prices are shown in the downloadable
brochure. Your commission included 
in all the
NET prices
is 10%.

Here are links from :





The temporary work we are offering, is only
for the below products, which are

We are offering you a possibility to be
your own boss. Are you looking a
permanent job? We are offering you a job
earning a commission while you wait to
find that new job. Or are you looking to use
your free time to make extra Income? We
are offering temporary work.

How does it work, below we are offering
various products, which might interest you.
As you know today, you can send many CV’s
to many companies and they might or might
not answer you, we accept to work with us,
almost anyone who is willing.

Each product brochure is downloadable.
We show you the products, the prices and
the commissions you will be getting on each
business. Each business is sent an invoice,
showing the price of the bought items and
the shipping costs.  Other costs, such as
import duties and other taxes are not
included. Once the payment from the
customer is paid 100% and we have
delivered, the customer has received
their order and are happy you are paid
to the account you have chosen, via
Paypal or Benefit Pay, 24hrs after we have
confirmation from the customer.

We charge a small fee, which is charged
for the download of the various products,
you choose to promote in your country.
The costs  are per brochure are
BD1 or USD2.66



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