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Google my business today, is better than any
website. Its faster to get noticed and with less
efforts and less costs than anything else on the
www today.

Why? Simple, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, are all
websites. Google is a search engine. With Google
my business, you not only get  a profile, set up, but
also you can show on your Google my business
profile, all the services/products you offer, as well
as people leaving you feedback. The Feedback is
very important to you, as with the Feedback
Google will rank you higher in their Search ranking.

Below are a list of Google my business profiles,
which we have already set up for customers. It
means that before we set up the Google my
business profile, they were not on Google.

Google my business profiles automatically are
included on Google Maps.  Your Google my
business profile, is like a mini website. We can
set up Google my Business profile for you see
price list of Google my business services.
Each profile, shows photos, website, telephone
numbers, location, direction to location, opening
hours, offers for your services or products.
There is so so much more. In fact we are according
to Google my business. We are the top 10%
in Bahrain alone.

We work internationally.
Below is a list of places we have created on
Google my Business (profile,) for our
Customers, each profile was added by us. We
have included a link, so you can view the
popularity of each place we have added.
They are as the newest added place.
Each profile, viewed was from 7th Sep, 2020
On each profile, you can see the photo counts
per photo put on the profile. Either by us, or
by people reviewing the profile and leaving
feedback. We do not review any profiles, unless
we are requested to do so. Or we have been a
customer in the place.
See also link below to a video presentation
we also did for this place.
We also did some video presentations for this

Plus many many more.



1 review for Google My Business – Set up and postings

  1. Funito Rapot

    They built for me Add place on Google my business Cicin Konak
    We had no customers to being full every day in Summer. Now a little less but we hit the Jack pot with Micronetics they did such an amazing job. We hit over 95000 views of their reviews for my restaurant and the Google my business in the month of August. I cannot thank them enough.

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