Google my Business Reviews

When people write reviews, most are very short.
We review many businesses and we try to
leave positive feedback, as the Feedback is
what makes your business rank higher in
Google Searches.

People who read the reviews or your
future customers and they will take your
services or products, based on the reviews
which people leave on your Google my
business profile. The more positive
Feedback’s of 5.0 the better, then Google
search engines will rank your business
higher and on Page 1 of Google Search
If the reviews are well written and show
photos, the new customers will be happy
to visit your reviews, see the photos and
take a decision of, if they want to take
your services or buy your products.

Below are some links to reviews we have
posted in the past. As you can see the
link takes you directly to the review,
where you can see how many people
have visited review, as well as how
many people have visited each of the
posted photos.
Remember all reviews are on going
and to the photo views, can be higher
if you visit the link at a later date.
We have posted over 334 times. We are
told by Google my business that we
are in the top 10% in Bahrain. We
review worldwide.  Place we have
visited and places we have done
business with too.  The views are
dated from the 7th Sep. 2020

Cicin Konak Hotel and Restaurant
We also added this place.
Since August 22nd, we have had over
80000 views.  The place is now packed
nearly everyday. Macedonia.
We have also made a video presentation
see link below.

Grand Hotel Mercure Bahrain
Penthouse Suite
We made a video about the Penthouse.
Views of the Photos are now over 1111

Here below are many more reviews we
have done. Each link is to a review. 
Sanad Travel Bahrain
Select Properties Marbella
Al Jassira Supermaket Bahrain
Storage Unit Bahrain
Jasmi’s Hot Dogs Bahrain
Wingman Bahrain
Starbucks Bahrain
Al Hoora Gas station Bahrain
Four Seasons Bahrain
Tree of life Bahrain
Novotel Dana Resort Bahrain
Art Rotana Hotel Bahrain
M Wok Marbella
Medflex Bahrain
Today Foodstuff
Also we did  a video presentation for this
company, see link.
Bar La Esquina Marbella
Taylor in Bahrain
La Cafeteria Molino Marbella
Casa Miguel Restaurante Marbella 1982
Casa Miguel Restaurante Marbella
Salon de Peluqueria barata Marbella
Starlite Online  Madrid
Mercedo 12 Marbella
Real Estate company in Bahrain
Tasheelat real estate services
Kanoo Daily Rental Juffair branch Bahrain
Kanoo Daily Rental Arad Bahrain
Kanoo Daily Rental Arad Bahrain
Skiplino  Bahrain
Fish and Chips Bahrain
Peregrine Management Consultancy
90 second surveys



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