FACEBOOK Advertising and more

Facebook weather you like it or hate it Facebook is in our daily lives. We at Micronetics offer many kinds of promotions / Advertising.
You see  Marketing is very close to sales and sales is very close to Marketing, you need to promote both to get to where you wish to be, which, ultimately, is to sell your products or services.
Facebook services we offer :
Set up of your Page                                    Price is different currencies USD27.00     Euro 22.00  GBP 20.00   BD10.000  AED 100 SAR100
Set up of your Group                                 Price is different currencies USD27.00     Euro 22.00  GBP 20.00   BD10.000  AED 100 SAR100
Set up of your Business Page                Price is different currencies USD27.00     Euro 22.00  GBP 20.00   BD10.000  AED 100 SAR100

Sending your publicity out on a weekly basis. See Social Media Starter Package , to see if Facebook postings are included in your offer.

The Publicity can be in still jpg 1 Page
The Publicity can be in still jpgs more than one Page
The Publicity can be  in Video  form.

See places where the Facebook ads/postings reach. In the photos on this page.

The reach are estimations, as we post. There can be more or there can be a few less.

We also post to all ethnic backgrounds, as well as in different languages.
The way it works, we post your advertising, to only targeted, Facebook pages and Groups. As you cannot post anywhere,
as if you just post anywhere, you can be booted out of the respective groups. Like if you are selling Ice cream, you cannot post in Groups like selling Cars or Watches. Which means that when we start posting your advertising, its very time consuming. Most of the time we like to post different adverts each week. As once the Advert is up, it can stay up for the rest of eternity.

As today we are all online, more and more, we can even promote your business, in the USA or in India, or really anywhere for that matter.
This is the way life is today. Why do you think the smallest of stories or promotion can go VIRAL. As people from all over the world are looking at all content, from all over the world.

Facebook charges to promote  your page, we do a different kind of promotion, we target, your product or service to people who are interested in your kind of products or services. The issue with Facebook, is that, you spend alot of time and effort explaining to Facebook, who you want as an audience, but when Facebook, posts, they post to all. We posted in the past with Facebook, to target only people in Bahrain. We got about 80000 reached, spending about USD1000, but when checking the profiles, the people our promotion was reaching, could never afford our product, nor were they in Bahrain. They might have been working in Bahrain, at some point in their life, but now they are NOT in Bahrain. When asking Facebook for accountability, they said sorry and that they would refund us, which never happened.




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