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Covid-19, today we have a Pandemic in our world.
What do you need to do to protect yourself and your family and friends?
The Pandemic, has created everyone as equal, the rich and the poor.  We all have one thing in common, we all breathe the same air. Everyday.
As you know the Covid-19 is transmitted on contact, or through the droplets when we cough or sneeze.
It got me thinking. Im wearing my mask and I can smell things, such as cooking or just general smells in the street, so how is this mask im wearing protecting me? Well actually its not. If you can smell outside smells, then that mask that you are wearing is not protecting you. As I thought it would. So after a while of doing some research, I found out that if you insert a filter material called Meltblown, this material stops wind and smells, which are in the wind from traversing the mask. Amazing piece of technology. I found out that here in Europe, the European community has made a new certification to offer a better made mask than from China or other nations, who are not offering the right protection. We also noted that many products made in China, have fake certifications, please read this link from the BBC

Today we are offering you a European made FFP2 mask, with not one layer of Meltblown, but 3 layers of protection out of the 5 layered mask, as per the European certificate. All certificates are available to be sent to you upon request.
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FFP2 Mask made in Europe

Meltblown FFP2 Best protection against Covid-19
Meltblown FFP2 Best protection against Covid-19

The Meltblown, layers are what protects you  from the Covid-19.
Also to note we are the cheapest made in Europe FFP2 on the market today.  All Masks might look the same, but they were not made the same.

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1 review for Black 20 FFP2 Masks made in Europe *FREE Shipping

  1. Luis Ponte

    Good in Black I just wanted to try. Excellente mask, meltblowns works.

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