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Digital Marketing and Promotions

Digital Marketing, today is the life blood of any business as we are now more and more online. To this point why we are here discussing this. Micronetics has seen a huge rise in the online activity.

Digital Marketing the life blood of any business online today

Digital marketing growth, the numbers are up, in fact more companies are looking for Digital managers, to handle their online presence more and more.

We at Micronetics offer more than, just the Digital marketing, in fact we are offering, the promotions too. If you look below at what we do, all companies today will need more than just the Digital Marketer. Here are a few questions, which need to be asked.

  • Digital content, what message do you want your audience know?
  • Where to Digitally place the publicity of the product or service you are advertising?
  • Crowd seeking. Where is it suitable to place your promotion, where it will be seen by the maximum amount of traffic?
  • Where to post, to have the Maximum exposure, in the least amount of time?
  • Where do I post my brochure, flyer or video?
  • Which social media is best?
  • Which social media can I grow on the fastest?
  • Does Google have a social media page?
  • What is Google my business?
  • Why are reviews important to my business?
  • How do I get people to understand about my products or services?
  • What is best photos or video when posting online?

To answer the above questions its important to address, what do you wish to promote?
Is it a Product or Service or other?

Today 21.03.21
We have selling the first European made KN95/Called in Europe FFP2 5 layers of protection and 3 of those layers are called Meltblown.
The Meltblown, prevents the particles of the covid-19, from penetrating the mask. See photos below.
Also our new fashion accessory the fashionable Over Mask,for sale by Lady Ora