Micronetics was established in Switzerland in 1958, with its offices, in both Switzerland and Spain, during the 1970’s it sold many electronic components, worldwide, on all 3 continents. The company was originally called Micronetics Inc Ltd. We are a family run business. We are now the 3rd generation to run it.

In Switzerland, Micronetics Inc Ltd, in the early 2000’s we were the pioneers mainly designing LED lighting and Solar energy systems, for the Swiss and Spanish markets and has won many prizes, for its impressive, design and implementation of LEDs, to replace the Halogen, or other traditional light bulbs, without compromising the ambient lighting, which was present before the change to LED lighting. As well as designing and implementing solar solutions, which we not so easy, for anyone to understand. As in illuminating a tree trunk, with only 1 Watt of electricity. AS well as producing that 1 Watt of electricity through the usage of Solar panels.

Again, Micronetics in 2007, opened its first office in the GCC, in Bahrain, even though it had been selling into the GCC, all the way back in the 1970’s. Selling spare parts, for the ILS , Radar and broadcasting services, for government uses only. The office in Bahrain, was opened, to market and promote the Kingdom of Bahrain, as a business and banking destination.

So far, Micronetics has attracted, businesses, to set up in Bahrain, from Europe and South America. Not only to sell their products, in the GCC, but to also build factories and create much needed jobs in the area. Those businesses are in the following industries.

Aluminium Ship building 2020
Banking 2020
Garbage to Energy production 2017
Ice Cream factory 2018
Frozen Yogurt factory 2019
Low income housing, production 2020

As well as bringing finance to Bahrain, in previous years, to finance many government projects.

We are now 2020 and again the old Micronetics Inc Ltd, has been re-branded by Micronetics Bahrain Marketing and promotion
With a new vision and a new heading, but still with all the passion, but in a different direction. Marketing and promotion, was always there working in the background all these past years, now all is online and we need to follow the world trends. Now with the Covid-19, we shall be doing more and more businesses online, Micronetics since its early days, in the late 1990’s has been in the for front of innovation and online, with its first websites dating as far back as 1998.

Marketing is a timeless activity. Marketing word, means many things, its difficult to define, its exact meaning as everyone, interprets Marketing in their own way. Is it Business development?
Is it Publicity?
Is it Sales?
Is it Promotion?
Is it to inform people about products and services?

In fact its all of the above. We are all in Marketing trying to find the next tread, as well as locating the next innovative way to inform you about products and services. If you think about it. In one 24 hour day, you will need time to sleep, eat, drive, work, go to the gym, so how much time is there left, for you to enjoy social media or a hobby? How much time do we as marketers, have to introduce you to new ideas, new products, new services? Possibly just minutes a day, but in those few minutes, we need to convince you to buy or review or like or use our product or service. This is the art of Marketing.

We see today the tread, is finding jobs, we have many products we promote. We thought why not offer the products we promote, as a commission basis.
So anyone who has a little bit, of time on their hands, can make money with us. All products offered have been verified, by our company www.companyverifications.com we request from the companies we promote, active company registration and other certifications.